Team “Our Data is Bigger than Yours” – Week 2

Welcome back everyone!!
I’m afraid the covert nature of our project continues… This week Team Data had a 3 day client visit in a top secret bunker deep in the wilderness (or in a converted sports hall just off the M5, but we prefer telling the other teams it was the bunker).
Typically these days meant early starts to match the shifts of the client staff, and we can say with certainty that 5:30am is too early for any student to have to get up, even with a McDonald’s egg McMuffin or two. The early starts did at least mean we got to enjoy the evenings and wander along the Bristol Channel enjoying the nice weather. The client visit allowed us to develop a much better understanding of how the client operates and what they are looking to introduce. The huge array of different systems that they use was certainly a challenge to try to understand initially, but as the days went by the fog began to clear.


After this information overload finished we were ready to head home and collect together what we had learned. Unfortunately we were driving back in 30+ degrees heat, and with no AC (sorry guys, should have taken a different car, at least I bought some Cornettos)


Thursday marked our glorious return from battle, with our incredible stories from the field. These, combined with many pages of poorly organised and misspelt notes allowed us to be able to dump our combined knowledge onto what seemed like billions of PostIt notes.


Out of the office we have also had time to enjoy ourselves, including a few nights out and improving performances in the weekly pub quiz.
Another regular activity has become the ongoing challenge of parking for Uwais, see below….



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