Team JLR: Design, Designing & Designers… Why did we not do Art!?

Hey there, this week we spent a lot of time doing design, could you tell from the title?

After last week’s client meeting we set off straight into market research, looking into lots of exciting car technologies (epic car pics are awesome), trying to gauge where the market is at, and importantly, where we felt it was going.

Apple Car
Cool things are a-coming!? Apple Car

We like JLR too, don’t worry 😉

Jaguar XKX Concept car
Jaguar XKX Concept car

From our research we developed a business canvas with our good old friends, the post-it notes!

Sprint 1 Research
Feel the Power! (Point)

A few sticky situations over, we felt we had a good hold on the fundamental vision for our project and were well on our way; we like to think we’re beating the other teams at least anyways :P. Don’t worry though, it’s all very friendly rivalry, don’t believe us? Here’s some terrible selfies of us enjoying our first Friday of freedom as a whole group:

Extreme Blue social
Extreme Friday Socialising
Extreme Pizza
Extreme Pizza

With a quite a lot done, we had freed up a lot of time, so in true Extreme Blue style we starting brainstorming for exciting new patent ideas!

Team JLR: Intuitive Design
Team JLR: Intuitive Design

Turns out being both original and useful are two quite hard things to combine! But nevertheless, we had three exciting patent ideas and have since submitted them! (exciting times!!) With some luck, they will be completely original and filed, though it will be some time down the line before we find out – we’ll keep you guys in the know ;).

Yesterday we were told that we would be meeting with the John Lewis Innovation Team. With another exciting client meeting, we started straight away to design our concept designs and storyboards.

Team JLR working on storyboards

IBM Extreme Blue Team JLR in the office

And finally, today we finished, and are currently waiting for our glossy concept book to arrive back from repographics, hopefully we didn’t make any typos…

We’ll post again in a couple of days after our meeting and have more to tell, but until then, ttfn!

Jaguar XS
Jaguar. Born to Perform.

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