Team “School Outreach” – Week 1

Team photo
Hello everyone! We are the School Outreach team of the IBM UK Extreme Blue program, situated at IBM Hursley. We have decided to start a blog which provides more insight in to the program from an interns perspective so that you can learn about some of the exciting work we get up to over the 12 week program.

Let us first introduce ourselves. Marta is our business intern and will be helping the team to network and unlock new opportunities to help us make the most of our product over the Summer. Shakib, Ioannis and I(Tom) will be working as tech interns, focusing on the development of our product.

Over the week we have received introductions to everything from project planning and management to AngularJS and some cool IBM software. On Thursday, we had our first meeting with potential users of our system. This was a great way to kick-start our project and helped us to develop our interview skills.

Outside of work, we have also had an opportunity to meet the other interns and placement students. On Thursday night, we headed down to a local pub for the weekly quiz. You use a smartphone app to answer as opposed to the more traditional pen and paper.

File 26-06-2015 14 17 40
Over the course of the first week, we have had so many great opportunities to meet IBMers from a range of different departments and learn about some key skills that we will use throughout our project. We are looking forward to exploring Winchester and Southampton over the weekend before continuing where we left off on Monday morning.


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