Team: Our Data Is Bigger Than Yours – Week 1

photo 4Left to right: Conor, Ben, Uwais, Will.

Who we are:
Conor: Business intern, MORSE at Warwick University.
Ben:     Technical intern, Computer Science at Southampton University.
Uwais: Technical intern, Physics at Imperial College.
Will:     Technical intern, Manufacturing Engineering at Cambridge University.

What we are doing:
Extreme Blue is more like a startup than a normal internship (except with the resources of IBM at your disposal!) Our project is to provide effective information distribution for a public sector organisation. The key to this is to find an efficient way to utilise their existing information and construct a system to take this data, combined with analysis of it, as well as tying in real time data to deliver the most relevant knowledge to front line staff at the best time to support their operations.

We aim to develop a strong understanding of the user base, how they operate and what enhancements would be of most use to them. Following this, we seek to develop ideas in how this can be built upon and what existing IBM products may be of use in helping the clients.

Progress so far:
We were thrown in at the deep end, having to give a presentation to our clients on our first day, only 2 hours after finding out what our project was! The first week has gone past in a blur, with loads of brainstorming as well as exploring IBM and potential software we might end up using. photo 2We plan to use Agile development to create our product, and are preparing to spend 3 days next week at our clients offices and shadowing them at work to learn exactly what their needs are and make sure we develop the best solution. We’ve also had time for some fun and getting to know each other back at the flats and in the pub.

photo 1


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