Team JLR: Big Cats and Other Adventures – Week 1

Hello from Team Jaguar Land Rover!2015-06-25 16.05.14

We’ve just completed our first week working at IBM and what a week! Extreme Blue is a 12 week summer internship at IBM and it really is what it says on the tin – Extreme! In this time, we work with a high profile IBM client to develop a product and then represent the UK by pitching our product in the European Expo. It is essentially a start up, but with the backing of a large technology company – exciting stuff! 5 days ago we arrived at the Extreme Blue mansion (well… 5th floor of uni halls), unsure of what to expect…

Are we unclean…?

We were thrown into a whirlwind of activities from day 1; including presentation skills workshops, building towers from spaghetti and marshmallows (that one got messy!) and of course the highlight; health and safety…

After 2 days of inductions and bants, we were introduced to our projects and teams (Of course, Team JLR is by far the best). Let us introduce ourselves…

Natan Misak
Business Intern
2015-06-26 09.54.47
Lean and Agile Enthusiast
Juliette Ryan
Technical Intern
IBM Dinosaur
Craig Morten
Technical Intern
Sara Al Tunaib
Technical Intern
Globe Trotter Extraordinaire

Come day 3 we rose at silly o’clock (i.e. 5.15 am) in order to travel to IBM London Southbank to meet our client – the Innovation team at Jaguar Land Rover. We spent 3 hours with the client; being briefed on the project, brainstorming ideas and just generally creating a post-it note explosion!

IMAG4637  IMAG4641IMG-20150624-WA0016  IMG-20150624-WA0012

After, we attempted to order our thoughts into something vaguley sensical… 6 hours later we had some sort of structure! We definitely deserved a break and Mexican street food seemed a tempting option.

IMG-20150624-WA0011  IMG-20150624-WA0010

Luckily, it hasn’t been all hard work, suits and post-its! We spent Thursday evening in “the oldest pub in England” – bringing down the average intelligence of the pub quiz along with all the other extreme blue interns.


Things are moving fast, so be sure to keep up as we head down a journey of discovery… Until next week dearest readers…

Team JLR out.


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