Team EveryoneWantsToBe. Get it? … Hello?

A start-up or an internship? The Extreme Blue program gives individuals an opportunity to test their limits in an incredibly open and welcoming environment. If I was to take a step back and look at the amount of freedom and assistance each EB team gets from the organisation, I don’t think it would even be a stretch to make the assumption that Extreme Blue exists at the very heart of IBM!

Our team, named MyThings, consists of myself (Nico), Naresh, Alex, and Nick. We were put into this team based on our backgrounds and our interest in IoT (Internet of Things). Everything else is confidential so this blog will be less about the content of our work here and rather our processes and experiences. Sorry followers, I’m sure many of you are denying to know the details but I’m afraid it’s all super secret heh heh heh.

Another great difference between Extreme Blue and other internships is that all of us get the added benefit of living together! None of that cringey nonsense where you’re sitting at the bar alone trying to get to know people who are 13 years older than you. All your fellow co-workers are your age, in your position, getting the same experiences, and suffering through the same workload which sure gives you a lot to bond and chat about which makes your time here much more fun than any internship should be! That may change after 12 weeks when we’re all dealing with crazy deadlines, tensions be flaring and daylight becomes “that thing we saw that one time”.

This first week been fantastic! The entire environment creates for us Extreme Blue-ers is really wonderful and has let us all explore our projects to the fullest extent. The Extreme Blue slogan is “Start something big” and we plan to stay as true to that as possible and make each other proud of what we’ve accomplished at the end of it all. The MyThings team is looking to take on the next 11 weeks with passion and determination and hopefully we have something great to show you guys here each week. We’ve been too busy having incredible amounts of fun and making too many memories to have time to take a group photo so you’re just going to have to take our word for it that we’re all damn handsome. Until next time, fellow innovators.


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